SharePoint Classification and Protection


Many enterprise and governmental organizations use Microsoft SharePoint for content management. Part of these organizations' business requirements is the definition of permissions for stored documents. The level of flexibility to set permissions within SharePoint cannot meet key customer demands, such as defining permissions based on sensitivity, data classifications, or content. Furthermore, the SharePoint permission model doesn’t handle segregation of duties between data owners and SharePoint database administrators - which poses a risk to sensitive data stored in SharePoint.  


Solutions from Secure Islands solve the challenges of SharePoint data security, delivering automatic classification, content marking, metadata labeling, and more at the time of content creation or upload, and providing automatic protection based on a centrally-managed policy. This delivers hardened, item-based security, without lowering SharePoint productivity and functionality, and:

  • Automatically supplies permissions based on content, user identity, document library, attributes, SharePoint columns, and more.
  • Enables storage of encrypted documents, including non-MS Office formats, in SharePoint - without compromising search or indexing.
  • Delivers policy– or item-based security using metadata attributes or SharePoint columns.

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