Secure Islands' advanced and innovative Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions, incorporating intelligent and comprehensive, classification-driven data security software for protection of sensitive enterprise data
IQProtector for SharePoint

Complete data security for all data sources

Secure Islands IQProtector Data Interceptor for SharePoint, enhances security and information rights management for SharePoint, on-premises and online, by immunizing files at the moment of content creation for all of the many ways information is uploaded or checked into SharePoint – synchronized folders on PCs, via the Web portal, through applications for smartphones, tablets etc. IQProtector Data Interceptor for  SharePoint resides inline on the SharePoint platform itself where it can automatically inspect every file that is checked in regardless of the file type or source. Whenever new content is checked into SharePoint, IQProtector automatically applies classification, metadata tagging and encryption of sensitive content based on a centrally managed policy. Classification and protection are applied according to content and contextual information such as data owner, file type, destination location or document library, content and  more.