Secure Islands' advanced and innovative Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions, incorporating intelligent and comprehensive, classification-driven data security software for protection of sensitive enterprise data
IQProtector Enterprise
Complete information protection with persistent, active data immunization

The risk of data loss hovers over every enterprise and the opportunities for data theft and misuse are growing rapidly. Standard DLP tools attempt to secure the exits where data escapes the perimeter, but too much data is circulating too fast between parties and devices. The only effective way to protect information is by immunizing it at the point of creation.

Secure Islands’ breakthrough persistent, active data immunization technology delivers the complete solution to data loss and theft.


IQProtector Enterprise assists users and processes and doesn’t hinder them. IQProtector Enterprise’s endpoint agent utilizes Secure Islands’ data-immunization technology to classify and protect all information created on or leaving endpoints with attributes that persist throughout the entire information lifecycle.

IQProtector Enterprise captures data upon creation from any source when context and content are their clearest, and classifies the data with 100% accuracy. It then applies appropriate encryption and usage rights to any file type according to centrally managed enterprise policies.
Once classification and protection have been established, IQProtector Enterprise ensures that sensitive data remains safe while in use, at rest, upon leaving the endpoint for private or public clouds or file stores, and whenever it is shared with external parties.

Persistent data and usage-rights protection for any file type within its native app

No matter how information originates on the endpoint or how it travels from the endpoint within or beyond the enterprise, once immunized by IQProtector Enterprise, the information carries its protection and usage rights with it, making each data file an island of security.

Enforcing usage rights throughout the complete lifecycle of the data, IQProtector Enterprise permits or denies access to immunized files – CAD designs, source code, images and more – as they are used in their native apps, enforcing usage rights such as information copy, print, print screen, save to other file formats and remove protection.

Keeping Your Sensitive Information Safe
  • Enhanced enterprise and user productivity
    IQProtector Enterprise fits seamlessly into the enterprise and speeds up work processes with a full range of information-classification options.
  • Convenient and secure collaboration
    With IQProtector Enterprise, employees can collaborate securely with partners and customers. All emails are fully protected – both within and beyond the control of the enterprise – keeping data immunized and secure. Information can be shared over cloud-service applications, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, without the need to strip off the protection.
  • Detection of anomalies and analysis of threats before they happen
    Leveraging big-data analytics, IQProtector Enterprise utilizes sophisticated online analytical processing (OLAP) and forensic analysis to keep enterprise security policy aligned with real-world usage. Built-in IQProtector Analytics enables enterprises to map their information assets and understand where information is created, used, stored and shared both within and beyond the perimeter.
  • Easy management, monitoring and auditing
    The Web-based IQProtector Management Console provides a single-pane view of all classification and data immunization policy and activity, enterprise-wide. The console provides predefined and customizable reports on usage trends and other classification and protection KPIs to enable maximum visibility for security administrators.