Secure Islands' advanced and innovative Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions, incorporating intelligent and comprehensive, classification-driven data security software for protection of sensitive enterprise data
Classification for SharePoint

SharePointEnsuring sensitive data security within SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint online


Microsoft SharePoint has become a critical document-management platform for thousands of enterprises, large and small, necessitating the classification and safeguard of vast volumes of sensitive content. The flexibility and granularity to set access permissions within SharePoint allows controlling information stored inside this file store. However, security officers and data owners look to meet additional, vital security requirements especially when information leaves the closed environment. They also require a hermetic scheme for handling the segregation of duties between information owners and SharePoint administrators

With Secure Islands, you can classify and protect sensitive data in both SharePoint on-prem and SharePoint Online. These methods all leverage IQProtector’s ability to classify and apply RMS protection to files from the moment they are created – keeping these classification and protection attributes throughout the life of the data.


  • pcData classification and protection prior to upload using end-point Agent

Secure Islands’ IQProtector Enterprise  agent intercepts any file on creation and applies to it classification tags based on both content as well as context (i.e. user identity, file type, file content).

  • Classification & protection on upload to SharePwww-pcoint using IQProtector Enterprise web interceptor

The IQProtector Enterprise web interceptor, captures files as they are moved between the endpoint and network repositories or save to Share Point from Office applications– applying classification tags to the files before uploading them based on context such as file content, site, etc.

  • cloudClassification using Cloud & SaaS interceptor

Secure Islands IQProtector is integrated with Microsoft’s CASB solution  (based on Adallom technology) to provide a comprehensive suite for securing business data in cloud/SaaS applications. When a user uploads a sensitive file to cloud storage, Secure Islands classification engine is triggered ensuring that all files are classified correctly – and protected if need be.

With Secure Islands, files are uploaded to SharePoint after they’ve been classified and protected. In order to increase user awareness and transparency, administrators can add a “classification” column to Share Point to reflect the document’s classification level.  The solution simplifies data classification and protection, enables full data segregation and facilitates a smooth, secure migration  to the cloud.